Increase Your Traffic and Conversions

Ultimately, what is going to improve your rate of sales is enhancing your visibility to the right audience. We understand that there is no use having improved traffic to your site or other online medium if it is the wrong sort of traffic. Get the assistance you need to accurately identify your target audience, and put in place a series of enhancements to entice that group to your site. Let us determine the right mix of digital activities to offer a tailored solution to attract the right prospects to your business.

Features and Benefits

Improve Visibility

We will make sure your content is reaching the right people to increase your conversion rates and attract more qualified leads.

Instant Alerts

Always know what’s going on with push notifications on our free mobile app so you can find out when you get new leads and calls and act on them accordingly.

Get More Reviews

Positive reviews generate more organic leads. Our review widget integrates seamlessly into your website to make it easier for everyone to leave reviews and improve conversions.


Our free dashboard and mobile app gives you real-time access to a variety of information, including reports, analytics and generated leads.

Simple Contract

There are no long-term contracts. Services are offered on a month-to-month basis.

Enhanced Traffic is Not Enough

It is no use getting additional hits to your landing pages if these visitors do not convert into sales leads, purchases or other expressions of positive interest. It’s not about more traffic, it needs to be the right traffic.

Our clients count on East Main Digital to make sure that the traffic we deliver to you consists of genuine potential customers, many of whom are already searching for the goods or services that you provide. Our web design, video, content writing and design services ensure that when they reach your site, they encounter an irresistible blend of entertainment, information and a powerful invitation to buy.

Improving Traffic and Conversions is a Multi-Faceted Process

From our years of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their bottom line, we know that enhancing traffic flow and growing the number of people who take advantage of what you have to offer, is a time-consuming and varied process. Powerful, state-of-the-art digital marketing products are constantly refined to provide the superior results you are looking for.

Since 1999 East Main Digital Marketing has been providing measurable success for the businesses who choose us for their marketing and sales management back office. To find out more, call us now.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Packages

You'll pay one price for access to all of Plasso's products and features.

Our digital strategists have put together successful Internet marketing campaigns for businesses ranging from local coffee shops to publicly traded



Do you want to increase your online Sales or Leads?

If yes, then you need our Conversion Rate Optimization service. We help you increase the number of visitors buying on your website or filling up forms on your website.

  • Our Conversion experts are also trained in SEO and PPC.
  • Our team is trained by the best experts in this industry.
  • We have proven track record of increasing our client’s conversion rates.

What Clients Say?

  • It was easy to buy and get everything started. Now I look much bigger than I actually am (which helps me get new distribution partners).

    Scott Weavil
  • I truly enjoy working with Steve and Ian! They understood my vision and made me feel comfortable from the first moment I sat down with them. I love how they are so open minded and willing to listen with great compassion and understanding of my needs as a new business owner. I look forward to continuing my work with them and I highly recommended them to anyone who is looking for a company filled with integrity, dedication and professionalism. They are a great asset for my business and I am honored to have them on my team.

    Antonia Bilardo
    Founder, Antonia Maria Foundation
  • While we at Signmasters Inc. and especially myself were expecting results from your expertise, I can honestly say that your work has far surpassed our expectations. Signmasters is in your debt.

    John Fernandez
    Signmasters, Inc.
  • Leads are the name of the game in our business; Steve & Ian developed a program that combined traditional “block and tackle” sales techniques with a contemporary, in-bound lead development system that has served us for years.

    Ray Pavese & Mike McCormick
    Pavese McCormick Insurance Agency