Funnels Can “Quick Start” Your Marketing

Essentially, the sales conversion funnel concept divides the lead development process into a series of carefully engineered steps. When executed, the steps lead the buyer towards a mutually satisfactory transaction. Funnels are used by large consumer product companies, non-profits, and political parties, and now more and more local business as well as those seeking a wider audience.

There are various sales funnel models, which can be adapted depending on the type of product under consideration, the selling medium, the audience and a number of other, related variables. Unfortunately, many businesses find that some part of their funnel is not working as well as it should, limiting conversions. This is where we can supercharge your marketing.

It's like a website... but a lot more.

In fact, you might consider replacing your website with a sales funnel. Think of it as a “funnel-site”.

Your funnel provides visitors with the traditional information about your company, and it’s products and services. It uses the same navigation and can have multiple pages of content.

You can also include forms, a blog, even a members only section.

A sales funnel converts visitors into customers.

A sales funnel goes far beyond a website by converting visitors into leads, and leads into customers. Weather it’s an online, telephonic, or in person sale, you can use our funnels to take visitors through the buying process.

The Funnel Hose will help you create a value ladder – a range of services that work together to engage visitors as they journey towards an understanding of the benefits of your unique offering.

It's a journey....from awareness to action.

Visitors are taken on a journey from the moment they discover you. It only ends once they opt-out or become a customer.

The process varies from one company to the next. It depends on several factors like what you’re selling and who your distinctive customer profile.

This website is a funnel. It’s built using the same tools and strategies we use to build yours.

Engineered Business Development

Today’s digital conversion funnel platforms use highly developed formulas to identify “in-the-market” prospects with significantly greater accuracy, at higher volume counts than were possible just a few years ago. After understanding a client’s specialties and target customer profile, a digital funnel is designed to engage prospects at the very time they begin information gathering.

With the competitive landscape in every business today like an extreme sport, unstructured business development methods are obsolete. You need to know more about funnels now, before others adapt the method in your area.

Digital Customer Finding – Double Your Lead Flow or You Don’t Pay

Are you great at what you do, but need a much better way to get to the people that really need to know about you? Now, you can have a fully automated client development machine made exclusively for your business or to boost your personal brand. Statistics for the application of digital funnels suggests an over 50% increase in genuinely interested prospects.

Select a digital marketing funnel program with us and once established, if you don’t realize a significant increase in qualified leads to your business you will pay nothing for that month. East Main Digital Marketing offers guaranteed results with only a month to month commitment.

Call East Main Digital now for details.

What Clients Say?

  • It was easy to buy and get everything started. Now I look much bigger than I actually am (which helps me get new distribution partners).

    Scott Weavil
  • I truly enjoy working with Steve and Ian! They understood my vision and made me feel comfortable from the first moment I sat down with them. I love how they are so open minded and willing to listen with great compassion and understanding of my needs as a new business owner. I look forward to continuing my work with them and I highly recommended them to anyone who is looking for a company filled with integrity, dedication and professionalism. They are a great asset for my business and I am honored to have them on my team.

    Antonia Bilardo
    Founder, Antonia Maria Foundation
  • While we at Signmasters Inc. and especially myself were expecting results from your expertise, I can honestly say that your work has far surpassed our expectations. Signmasters is in your debt.

    John Fernandez
    Signmasters, Inc.
  • Leads are the name of the game in our business; Steve & Ian developed a program that combined traditional “block and tackle” sales techniques with a contemporary, in-bound lead development system that has served us for years.

    Ray Pavese & Mike McCormick
    Pavese McCormick Insurance Agency