Are you looking for help with franchise marketing management? East Main Digital Marketing can help you appeal to entrepreneurs looking to buy into a franchise in your industry. We have the marketing knowledge, the digital expertise, and the tools needed to help you succeed in this endeavor.  And after you’ve developed these new and profitable relationships, we can help you increase their chance of success with further digital marketing services.

Amazing Features and Benefits

First Page Rankings

More effectively reach budding entrepreneurs who are interested in a franchise, allowing you to effectively expand your business.

Great Content

We work with professional American writers who have experience in your industry to create content that provides valuable information.

Instant Alerts

Our free mobile app provides push notifications each time you get a new lead or call through your website so you can act quickly.


We offer a free dashboard and mobile app that will provide valuable analytical information to help you track your success

Simple Contract

Order our services on a month-by -month basis, rather than signing a long-term contract.

Targeted Marketing to Potential Franchisees

There are many ways to get noticed by people interested in your line of business.  We can leverage search engine optimization, affiliate programs, paid advertising, email marketing, text-based SMS marketing, social networking, and other methods to help you get noticed and get inquiries from entrepreneurs who are ready to buy into your business model.

Let us show you our tools and the results you can get by having us work on your franchise marketing management for you.   Once you have franchisees, we can also help with their marketing efforts.

Help Your Franchise Succeed with Our Digital Marketing Programs

At East Main Digital Marketing, we craft strategic marketing programs to help you give your new franchisees a great set of tools to boost their chances of success. Through branded marketing collateral, web development, social networking campaigns, SEO, pay per click, and other proven digital marketing methods, you can boost your success as well as the success of each franchise that’s set up.

Talk to us today about how our team and our tools can help you succeed in signing up new franchisees as well as helping you help them succeed. We provide a dashboard that makes it easy to measure progress on any / all campaigns and would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation consultation.

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